3 Reasons Why Custom Stickers Are a Good Way to Promote Your Business

Jukebox Print Custom Sticker Printing

Promoting your business with custom stickers is probably something you have not thought of doing before. After all, how can stickers be used to promote a business when other forms of advertising may have more of an effect?

Here are three reasons why custom stickers are a better option for promotion than other more accepted forms.

A cheap form of advertising — When you look at other ways to get word out about your business, many are more expensive than you can afford. When you can order 1,000 custom stickers for under $100, and use them in a thousand different ways, it is no wonder so many businesses are now using stickers as a promotion choice. Especially when they can be used in ways brochures, flyers and posters cannot.

Any size, any shape, any design — While brochures, flyers, posters and business cards may have some restriction as to size, shape and design, custom stickers do not.

You can have stickers designed and printed in the shape of a music note to advertise a record shop. Stickers can be made in the size of large bumper stickers to advertise a sale, or as window decals to promote a new business location. Options are infinite, and only restricted by your imagination.

Stuck in unique places — While you may be restricted as to where they can go when it comes to posters or flyers, stickers can often be put in places where they cannot.

You can stick stickers onto the front of existing company brochures, place them on notice boards, on windows, cars, laptop covers and on skateboards. They can be stuck to posters, handed out at business fairs, or distributed on university campuses if they are colorful, funny, interesting or cool.

There are unlimited ways to use custom stickers to promote your business. You can probably think of a hundred ways that other businesses may not. For more information about custom sticker printing come visit our site.

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